Entrepreneurship – initiative and economic action
      The training offered by C.C.D. Constanta for this school year included the "Entrepreneurship – initiative and economic action". The training program is accredited by OMECTS No.6170/07.11.2011, it has a duration of 61 hours and offers 15 transferable credits. The 25 places available for this course allocated in the first semester were taken before 10/10/2012. The course will take place again in the second semester (end of April) with 25 available spots for high school teachers. The trainers are: Mrs. Cecilia Bararu - Associate Director CREE Constanta, Professor Doina Mihalaşcu, PhD, and Mr. Victor Mihalaşcu – CREE director Constanţa.


      Financial education. Financial investments.
      The training offered by C.C.D. Constanţa includes, in the first semester, the "Financial Education. Financial investments." project. It will run from 26.11.2011 and it lasts 30 hours (30 places). The trainers are: Professor Doina Mihalaşcu, PhD, and Mr. Victor Mihalaşcu – CREE director Constanţa.

     The Best Lessons Of Economics
is a competition for teachers and educators, organized annually since 2002. The competition is for teachers interested in innovative teaching, the development of economic thought and culture. The competition is open to teachers, especially those teaching the Entrepreneurship elective course (based on a curriculum developed by CREE and approved by MECTS), graduates of training programmes offered by the Romanian Center for Economic Education. The contest consists of the designing of a lesson related to an Economics topic of choice from the mandatory or elective curricula. The best lessons of Economics are published and awarded annually. Winners receive cash prizes, diplomas, medals, books. Evaluation criteria for the participating lessons assess whether the lessons:
    * Contain applicative behaviour (teaching sequence can be of 1 – 3 hours )
    * Develop students' economic thinking
    * Have clearly formulated goals and objectives
    * Economic concepts are specified explicitly and properly analyzed
    * Time needed to carry out the proposed activities is proposed realistically
    * Are accompanied by teaching materials used in lesson
    * Have activities which are interesting, different, clearly presented and with targeted objectives
    * Propose appropriate assessment tools.

     The 9 national editions which took place between 2003 and 2012 were attended by 60 teachers and educators from primary, secondary and high school level. The prizes awarded were: 8 first prizes, 13 second prizes, 13 third prizes and 8 mentions (fourth place).