The 'Winter Joys' Fair

   “Ovidius” High School, in partnership with the Resource Centre for Economic Education, Constanţa, organised on the 17th and 18th of December 2013 a handmade fair, with decorative objects made by our middle school and high school students.

   Signing up for the event either as volunteers or as participants to the fair began in October, with students from all classes in our school investing energy in organizing the event. The participants put on display various objects created by them, so that visitors could choose from a wide range of Christmas tree decorations, handmade accessories, Christmas cards and other symbols of winter. The organisers of the event prepared surprise gifts for both the buyers and the sellers. Several students chose to donate their earnings to certain charitable campaigns. The entire event was designed to be an additional activity to classes such as Civic Education, Entrepreneurship Education and Economics.

  It was highly appreciated by the students who sold or bought decorations, as well as by the volunteers of CREE Constanţa and the teachers themselves. This event was also “the materialisation of the enterprising spirit of future successful entrepreneurs”, according to Mr. Victor Mihalaşcu, manager of CREE Constanţa.




Entrepreunership – a Solution for the Economic Crisis

  The second edition of “Entrepreneurship – a Solution for the Economic Crisis”, edited and updated by Victor Mihalaşcu, teacher at “Ovidius” High School, Doina Mihalaşcu, Psychology PhD, from “Ovidius” University Constanţa, and senior financial analyst Bogdan Mihalaşcu, from Alpha Bank Central, Bucharest, was published in September 2013.

  The book is a practical and theoretical guide for creating a business plan, and it contains numerous practical applications and lessons projects. It is addressed to students studying Entrepreneurship Education, Applied Economics and Economics, as well as teachers and to everyone else interested in private business initiatives during the ongoing economic crisis.

  The authors have written several other books, such as “Economics and Elements of Entrepreneurship Education”, “The Lessons of the Economic Crisis”, “Operational Anticipation in Learning and an Efficient Teaching Style”, “Curriculum. Instruction. Assessment”, and many more.