The Resource Center for Economic Education Constanţa (Constanţa CREE) is part of the network of local centers of the Romanian Center for Economic Education (CREE).

   CREE Constanţa was created on February 18, 2005 by a group of teachers, members of CREE, graduates of the national CREE training programmes and of the international training programmes organized by the National Council on Economic Education (NCEE) in the United States.

   The CREE Constanţa Director is Mr. Victor Mihalaşcu (teacher at “Ovidius” High School) and the Associate Director is Mrs. Cecilia Băraru (teacher at Technical College “Tomis " Constanţa). The headquarters of CREE Constanţa is “Ovidius” High School.

   CREE Constanţa embraces the mission, goals and long-term strategies of CREE as well as the standards and educational resources inspired by NCEE.

   CREE Constanţa has financial and management autonomy, having its own bank account, and develops regional and local educational projects.


  CREE Constanţa develops its own projects and activities:
* The inter-county competition for students “Gândesc economic, deci câştig!” (‘I think economically, therefore I win’) was launched in 2005; with its annual editions, the competition increased the students' motivation to study Economics and allowed for the assessment of their economic knowledge and skills.
   * The inter-county competition for students “Şi eu voi fi întreprinzator!” (‘I am going to be an entrepreuneur, too!’) initiated in 2007, which is a business plans competition, designed to allow high school students to apply economic concepts in designing successful businesses and to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

   * Promotion of economic education activities for teachers:
        - Classroom demonstrations to introduce modern methods of economic education
        - Articles in local press and participation in specialized programmes in local media
        - Distribution of economic education study materials
   * Elective courses for students in primary and secondary school, such as Economic Education and Entrepreneurial Efficiency.
   * Development of specialized papers for Economics students, such as Political Economy and Elements of Entrepreneurship education, developed and published by Prof. Victor Mihalaşcu.
   *The lessons of teachers and educators from Constanţa received awards in the National Stage of the competition “Cele mai bune lecţii de Economie” (‘The best Economics lessons’). They were published in collective volumes, edited by CREE.
    * Students from primary schools in Constanţa contributed, under the guidance of their teachers, to create the Calendar of the Little Economist, published by CREE.

  The complex and rich word of CREE Constanţa was pusblished (together with that of other local centres) in “Info CREE”, no. 13 of 2007(international edition.)

   Throughout its activity Constanţa CREE worked with and received support from the Local and the County Councils, the County School Inspectorate, Teachers’ Development Resource Centre (CCD), “Ovidius” High School, Radio Constanţa, the local media, "Ovidius" University (Faculty of Economic Sciences), the Association for the Promotion of  Equality for the Young ( ADAPTO ), local businesses (such as Hotel Maria), contributing members, The Directorate for Youth and Sport Constanta, Europe Direct Constanta, Millennium Bank, Unicredit Ţiriac Bank, Alpha Bank, AXXA Asigurari, SMEs Patronate Constanţa.

   A substantial contribution was brought by individuals who have diverted to CREE Constanţa 2% of their annual income tax.

   Since 2007, CREE Constanţa has organized the final phase of the National Competition “Cele mai bune lecţii de Economie” (‘The Best Economy Lessons’) as part of the international programme Alumni Project 2006-2007, funded by the National Council on Economic Education. Since 2003, teachers in Constanta, who have completed the training programme organized by CREE, have attended the annual National Competition “Cele mai bune lectii de Economie”; twelve of the lessons presented received awards .

   Systematic participation in national workshops organized in collaboration with CREE, MECT and NCEE was and is a key objective of CREE Constanţa. Also, there have been participations in international seminars and workshops, as trainers.

   Based on our experience in national and international programmes, we organize and develop annually, in partnership with Constanţa County School Inspectorate and Teachers’ Development Resource Centre (CCD) Constanţa, numerous local programmes for teachers and educators. Since 2007, the Economics and Efficient Entrepreneurship Education Program was accredited by CNFP (the National Council for Vocational and Professional Training).The graduates of the courses receive diplomas and certificates with descriptors of the competences acquired.