Activities undertaken and results obtained by students from Constanţa under the supervision of CREE Constanţa members

   Ever since it was founded CREE Constanţa has been concerned with involving students in specific activities relating to excellence and economic education, such as school olympiads and competitions, own competitions dedicated to Economics and business plans, elective subjects in the field of economic education and efficient entrepreneurship. The elective course addressing secondary school students, "Entrepreneurial Education", takes two years to complete and was approved by ministerial order in 2004 (OMEC 4730/22.09.2004) 


  The Resource Centre for Economic Education and "Ovidius" High School, in partnership with the Centre "Europe Direct" hosted by the SMEE Territorial Office and with the County Directorate for Sports and Youth Constanţa are the organisers of the project "Business School". The project aims to familiarise young participants with the entrepreneurial spirit by presenting to them an overview of the Romanian and European business environment, but also some business ideas, how to develop a business plan, financing sources from national or european funds, etc.

  The first edition of this project took place between 22 and 23 October 2010 with 26 participating students from grades 10 and 11 from "Ovidius" High School. The students, selected by Mr. Victor Mihalaşcu, teacher of Economics, and with the support of the management of "Ovidius" High School, were given different materials, diplomas and were introduced in the OTIMMC database so that they might receive constant updates on the implemented financing programmes. The participating students were: Crivăţ Elena, Ionescu Andreea, Miron Mihai, Mihai Andreea, Tache Răzvan, Ninulescu Roxana, Stoinescu Larisa Cleopatra, Raşid Cetin, Botez Costin Dragoş, Bucur Felicia Georgiana, Preotesoiu Mirela, Chioibaş Emil, Sîrbu Vanessa, Ştefan Raluca, Oprescu Cezara, Hurduc Andrada, Rusten Ebru, Selim Elis, Dragnea Andrei, Dodiş Claudiu, Cucu Andrei, Banu Călin, Dumitru Diana, Tudor Cristina, Gîrlescu Ioana, Idu Andrei.  

  The second edition – 3-4 November 2011 – was hosted in the minor hall of "Ovidius" High School Constanţa. Its purpose was to inform the 30 participating students on how to turn a business idea into a business plan, financing sources for young people, volunteering, project management. The participating students received from the Centre Europe Direct and from OTIMMC Constanţa useful and informative materials on entrepreneurship, opportunities for young people in the EU concerning studies, volunteering, work and student exchange. The participants in this edition were students in the 11th grade selected by Mr. Victor Mihalaşcu, teacher of Economics. They were: Bari Irem, Cotloană Ana, Omerali Sibel, Chelmambet Altay, Vicoleanu Raluca, Gîrlescu Ioana-Andreea, Giumba Tiberiu-Bogdan, Motrescu Roxana-Laura, Kescskes Maria Evelyn, Abduraim Elis Sheila, Dragnea Andrei Silviu, Răstoacă Cristina, Despina Alexandru Cristian, Nedelcu Irina-Marcela, Dimulescu Silvia-Diana, Dima Iulia, Frangulea Irina, Gheorghina Luana, Moşoianu Mădălina, Marin Raluca, Sorescu Tatiana Anamaria, Ştefăneţ Mădălina, Mirică Andreea Tania, Pascal Diana Georgiana, Cozma Roxana, Tălîmbă Gabriela Adriana, Grosu Ioana Raluca, Rotaru Bogdan, Crîjman Alexandru, Ardeleanu Bogdan, Marin Claudiu Gabriel, Jitariu Diana Maria.

   The third edition of the "Business School" was held between 29 and 30 October 2012. All activities were hosted by "Ovidius" High School and involved 35 students from the 10th grade organised in competing teams of 5. The participants, supervised by Mr Victor Mihalşcu, were: Ispas Andrei, Maftei Andra, Marinescu Ioana-Claudia, Macarie Andreea-Oana, Belu Alexandra-Cristiana, Bucuroaia Alexandra, Udrea Paula, Pânzarul Pavel, Şerban Ana Maria, Ghencea Ruxandra, Dumitru Cătălin, Ionescu Andreea, Trăncuţă Raluca Bianca, Dobrică Răzvan, Boja Vlad, Ionică Andreea, Olaru Alexandra, Amet Fernis, Drăghici Cristina, Bocârnea Andrei, Mergeani Iulian, Gaţcan Alexandra, Cucoară Cosmin, Marinciu Mădălina, Făgăraş Dragoş, Codreanu Florentina, Ghiţă Andreea, Cornea Mihai, Popa Alessio, Carp Andrei, Hulea Vlad, Bîrsu Ion, Gîfei Sebastian, Grigore Mihai, Roman Ştefan. CREE Constanţa gave all participant students books as prizes. There was a second series to this edition, which took place between 15 and 16 October 2012. The 36 participants, also students in the 10th grade, were: Izet Alev, Castraveţ Alexandru, Iusuf Ayde, Neag Bianca, Popa Georgiana, David Vlad, Petraş Laura, Idvu Iulia, Niţu Monica Gabriela, Panţu Irimia Elena Diana, Raiciu Cristian, Gheorghe Cosmin Liviu, Deliu Raluca, Ostase Ionela, Filip Antonio, Chirea Gabriela, Măgureanu Cristian, Moraru Florentina, Cuneşteanu Anca, Radu Ioana, Manole Iulia, Olaru Ciprian, Leonte Carmen Andreea, Davidov Eliza, Badea Bianca, Velcea Vlăduţ Virgil, Pascu Simona Georgiana, Cercel Cristina, Zaharia Ştefan, Coman Vlad-Bogdan, Cocheş Alexandru Eduard, Ali Sibel, Sandu Răzvan Nicolae, Burcea Andrei Alexandru, Toma Andreea, Florea Antonio, Chebuţă Ionela.

    On Saturday, 11th January 2014, CREE Constanţa, in partenership with SMEE Patronage Constanţa and AXA Life Insurance SA Constanţa 2 Agency, organised at "Ovidius" High School the fourth edition of the "Business School". This edition had 35 participating students from the 10th grade; the students are already familiar with the topics presented, since they study Entrepreneurship as a subject and at the same time are involved in designing business plans for feasible ideas in teams. The guests invited to this edition were: Mrs Nicoleta Bălan, engineer, Mr. Iulian Gropoşilă, president of the SMEE Patronage, Mr. Doru Diaconu and Mr Alexandru Olaru, director of the insurance agency. They talked to the students about famous entrepreneurs, from other countries but also from Constanţa and Romania, about their own businesses, about types of insurance for businesses, etc. They all insisted on the necessity of making good use of opportunities but also on working with passion, competence, responsibility, respect for the law and for a professional career. At the end of this edition, the selected teams of students took part in a competition on applying the marketing mix to a possible local business. The participating students were: Pîslaru Gabriela, Pîslaru Georgiana, Marcu Bogdan, Lascu Cristian, Ioniţă Anca Adriana, Enache Denisa, Iusuf Denis, Dospinescu Valentin-Mihai, Răileanu Lavinia-Gabriela, Polifron Anamaria, Ambrose Eva Ştefania, Alexe Andreea Rebeca, Căpăţână Maria, Gîlă Alexandra, Popa Ana Cătălina, Călugăru Mihnea Ionuţ, Gheorghe Maria Sabina, Leoveanu Irina, Alămureanu Claudia Valentina, Dumitrache Nicolae Cătălin, Apseleam Elif, Drăgoi Teodora Augustina, Drilea Apetrei Vlad Iulian, Culeţu Marina, Stoian Andreea Laura, Ovreuţă Sabina Alexandra, Slabu Illona, Şuţeanu Ariadna Roberta, Stănişor Ştefan, Vîntu Vladimir, Nincă Andreea, Simicu Florina Alina, Ştir Alexandra, Vineş Andreea, Rădulescu Şerban Petre, Bolan Laura Georgiana. Concursul a fost câştigat de un echipaj al clasei a X-a C, format din elevii Stănişor Ştefan, Staicu Andreea, Vineş Andreea, Şuţeanu Ariadna Roberta, Drilea Apetrei Vlad. Mr. Victor Mihalaşcu, CREE Constanţa director and coordinator of the activity, handed diplomas to all participants and gave prizes to the winning teams.



   In order to celebrate The European Year of Volunteering, students and teachers from "Ovidius" High School organised a series of events on 18th November 2011. A special moment was when the Prefect Institution, represented by Mrs Piscanu Liliana, awarded the first volunteer certificates for that year to 74 students and to Mr Victor Mihalaşcu for their activity as volunteers in 3 national competitions in entrepreneurship and economics: "I am going to be an entrepreneur, too!", "I think economically, therefore I win!" and "The best Economics lessons", which are organised annually by CREE Constanţa in partnership with County Directorate for Sports and Youth Constanţa, Centre Europe Direct, The Faculty of Economic Studies from "Ovidius" University. Mr. Victor Mihalaşcu, CREE Constanţa director and coordinator of the volunteering activities, declared: "The support of the volunteer students in the organisation of the activities of CREE Constanţa for the benefit of the participating students and teachers is useful not only for us but also for the students themselves as it educates them.

   The "Ovidius" Students' School Council organised a Volunteers' Fair for NGOs "Students and Volunteering", the second edition, a fair where the following NGOs and institutions took Part: ONG Mare Nostrum, CENTRAS, AIESEC, INTERACT, The Association of the Young Orthodox "Orthograffiti", CREE Constanţa, WorldVision Romania, The County Centre for Resources and Educational Assistence, the National Red Cross Society – Constanţa branch, Sweet Land. The NGOs presented their offers and opportunities to more than 650 students of "Ovidius" High School, many of which expressed their interest in the activities presented. The Volunteers' Fair is part of the project "Volunteers at Ovidius" developed during the competition "European Leader" by the following students: Irina Nedelcu, Ioana Brighilă, Evelyn Kecskes and Răzvan Moise. "European Leader" is a programme developed in partnership with the European Comission and the Romanian Ministry of Education, with the aim of developing leadership abilities in students and helping them create opportunities for them to use these abilities in contexts relating to volunteering.