What is and what does CREE do?

      CREE is a non-governmental, independent, non-profit organsiation, based in Bucharest, but with members, representative offices and branches throughout the country. In fact, CREE was founded in September 2000.
      By law, CREE was created in April 12, 2001, when it was legally registered. CREE was founded by a group of teachers of economics who have benefitted from the international training programmes of the National Council on Economic Education (NCEE) in the U.S. They had the opportunity to learn and appreciate the usefulness and efficiency of modern, active and creative economic education.
     CREE’s goal is to contribute to the economic education of young people in Romania, to help develop a way of thinking and behaviour suitable for the market economy.

   As a result of the activities of CREE, young people in Romania will succeed:
     * To understand how market economy works
   * To take correct decisions as employees, managers, investors, consumers, owners and citizens, being able to become successful competitors in the market economy system
    * To use effectively the mechanisms and institutions of the market economy, to contribute to their proper functioning and their improvement
   * To be connected to global economic development, contributing to and benefiting from its progress, both individually and in communities to which they belong.

 To achieve these goals, create economic education primarily aimed at the younger generation, both through curricular and extracurricular activities.

    CREE addresses economics teachers, and all teachers who can contribute to the economic education of young people in Romania. Other important partners that can help achieve the objectives and activities of CREE are: governmental organizations, foundations and other NGOs, business organizations and associations, businesses, local governments, professionals in the field of economy, international organizations interested in the phenomenon of education.
    CREE core activity is to achieve:
     * Content standards and curricula for Entrepreneurship;
     * Reference material for economic education: textbooks, lessons, learning strategies, assessment tools, reference materials on methodical issues, etc.;
     * Educational materials prepared and tested for use in teaching economics at various levels and in various forms;
     * Programs and activities for teachers, training programmes and activities to prepare students for teaching economics;
     * A national network of local and regional centers for economic education, which, with the support and contribution of teachers and CREE partners, distributes programmes across the country with the benefits derived from CREE;
     * National programmes to boost competition and economic performance in education, both among pupils and students, and among teachers as well;
     * International exchanges between organizations and individuals involved in economic education.